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RAMLIA ASSOCIATION by the development and the cooperation

Ramlia is a palm grove in the area of Taouz, province of Errachidia in Morocco, in southeast of the Erg Chebbi (desert of Sahara) near the Algerian border.

Ramlia is situated in the middle of nothing, without running water or electricity aside from any population, accessible by tracks often difficult of access. Although the life is hard in the area of Ramlia, people of the village hope for a better future.

In 1944, some breeders of the area came to build the first houses in pisé, later seven families will settle down there. Once established, the need to fetch some water will be felt and in 1946 the first canal is built, what allows them to work around and to become semi-nomads. Gradually, other nomad families will settle in the city. 30 families live now in Ramlia.

The Ramlia association is formed in partnership with people of the village. Our cultural tradition is based on the solidarity and the teamwork.


Thanks to this partnership, we group together and forward the help supplied by the tourists to the local population, according to the needs of moment.

We would like that the visitor, tourist or traveller discovers the hospitality which characterizes us and is capable of fighting for the development of our area, where we think that the education of our young people and the children is important.

For all this, if you wish to adhere to our association, the best mean is to pass by the local organization. In this way, we avoid at most that the children get used to ask for gifts to tourists or travellers.

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