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Viaje al Desierto de Marruecos

Some information regarding the Desert Tours

The desert is one of the most mysterious places on earth, where the everyday life functions under some unusual rules. Like the sea, the desert is spread out until the skyline, reflecting in a huge sand lake, which is usually just a mirage. If you want to perform some desert tours, you will probably enter a world of wonders that will capture your attention right from the start. In this article you can discover some advices that you can use when you want to prepare yourself for a desert tour, so that you pass through this experience without any type of incidents that might affect your health.

First of all, you should avoid wearing short pants and t-shirts, because the sun can affect your skin even though you may use different sun creams. Take a hat with a visor with you or ask the tour guide to teach you how to wear a Bedouin turban that you can buy from each and every oasis. The long pants that are created from a tender material and with a bright color are the most indicated. In a very hot day, a shirt created from natural fibers is the most indicated. In the usual days, a vest may maintain the body fresh for a longer period of time.

The large shirts created from cotton are also indicated if they are not too heavy. You should know that at night the temperature drops considerably, so if you want to go on different desert tours, you should take a wool blanket with you that will protect you from the wind. It is not a bad idea to wear something underneath the pants. Wear boots or sandals if they are comfortable since the sport shoes are not indicated in the desert. You do not need too many accessories, since the sunglasses, sun creams and the patches for different scratches are enough for your trip.

A flashlight is very useful, but you do not need one that is very expensive. However, do not be tempted to buy the cheapest one because it will wear of real quickly. A small binocular is also very useful because it will help you to observe the views much more efficiently. Each and every camera should be held in a plastic bag most of the time because the sand can penetrate on the lens and block your device. The wet napkins are essential for your body hygiene in a place where you cannot take a bath.

Use them before you eat because they can help you to eliminate all of the bacteria located on your hands and face. Try to burn the toilet paper after you use it and bury the rests under the rocks in order to protect this wonderful environment. Usually, the desert tours are performed with help of the camel, an animal which can store large amounts of water into their humps. Follow the advices of your guide when you travel on this animal and try not to make any sudden moves or noises.

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