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What you should know when you travel to Morocco

If you want to travel to Morocco, you must know that the people of this country are famous for their hospitality and the love that they offer for those that want to visit their country. You will meet lots of people that will make your mission in this country much easier, but if you follow the following advices, your trip will be truly wonderful and full of excitement. Go to Morocco in the spring time, because this is when the vegetation features the most beautiful color and it is also abundant. However, do not underestimate either the winter or summer periods, even though they may present some real challenges.

A great period to travel to Morocco would be in the Ramadan celebration, but be careful because numerous restaurants are closed during this period. The date of this celebration is changed each and every year, so be careful to discover the proper date when you plan to make a trip there. You will need to spend some time in this country if you need to learn a few words in this language. The Moroccan traditional home is called Riad and it is built around an interior garden. If you want to experience the feeling offered by such buildings, you should probably visit Marrakesh, Fes and Essaouria, since these are the classical destination for most tourists.

Check the internet for other destinations from this amazing country. Take with you lots of pennies because monetary tips are a part of the everyday life of this country. It is very advisable to leave a tip between 5% and 10% of the total value of the bill that you receive at each and every restaurant. Also, leaving a tip to the taxi drivers, tourist guides and for any other type of service could also make your life better.

Also, try not to hire a false guide because they are illegal in this country and they will trick you of your money. Try to benefit from the services of an authorized guide that you can hire from a tourism agency. The taxies are a great transportation method in this country, but you must know that a large taxi will not leave until all of the seats are occupied. If you are a woman, try to pay for two seats in the front that are just for you. Treat the negotiating activity as a game.

It is an intrinsic part of the Moroccan culture and all of the people from this country will expect you to negotiate, so all you have to do is to ignore the initial price offered by the seller. If a local citizen offers you a mint tea, sit down and enjoy it. The mint tea is the hospitality symbol of this country and it is impolite to refuse such an offer. Usually, the locals will host you for almost an half an hour as a sign of their hospitality. These are practically the most important things that you should know if you want to travel to Morocco.

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