Excursión Al Desierto De Marrakech

Excursion to the desert of Marrakech, the pearl to know a millenary culture

The best way to get to know the intact customs of the nomadic and Berber peoples of Morocco for thousands of years is to make an excursion to the desert of Marrakech and live directly with its inhabitants.

Share their customs and exotic traditions and taste a totally different gastronomy, based on the products offered by the environment and the magic point of spices …

We offer you the opportunity to travel on a dromedary for the infinite sea of dunes of the Sahara desert, following the ancient routes of the Trans-Sahara caravans.

Surrounded by peace and tranquility, you will find the perfect moment to disconnect and you will be ecstatic to observe the explosion of light and color that occurs at dawn or dusk on the golden and reddish sands.

We also offer you the opportunity to spend the night in a “haima” or shop installed in the heart of the desert.

After a delicious dinner spiced in the purest Berber style, you will live an unforgettable evening under a starry sky. Around the bonfire you will share typical dances to the rhythm of the drums that will delight you with their percussion show.

But, if you prefer to rest in a more comfortable place, we offer you the possibility of staying overnight in a “kasbah”.

The “kasbah” is a traditional desert construction made of adobe. Its roofs are made of cane and wood. They are decorated in a traditional way and with rugs and articles typical of the culture of the Berbers.

From its simple rooms without luxuries, but with all the necessary comforts, you will be able to observe spectacular views of the desert.

On your trip to Morocco do not deprive yourself of an excursion to the desert of Marrakech

When traveling to Morocco it is necessary to make an excursion to the desert of Marrakech to understand the origins of this hospitable town and its culture.

In addition to sand dunes, in the Sahara Desert you can visit impressive oases with large palm trees and orchards.

You can also visit small towns that are the center of the commerce of the people of the desert. Their ancestral markets are worth knowing. You’ll find livestock sales, spices, woodwork, ceramics, brass, … even curious donkey parks.

Do not hesitate to tell us which places you are most interested in visiting, since we are specialists in organizing trips for small groups to measure.

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