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Tour en Camello por el Desierto de Marruecos

Marrakech Desert Tours, an unbeatable experience

Are you passionate about adventure and exoticism but haven’t had the chance to visit Morocco as yet? Contact us and you will live an unbeatable experience with our Marrakech Desert Tours.

Would you like to travel through the Sahara on a camel just as the desert nomads used to do thousands of years ago?

Can you imagine staying overnight in a Haima in the heart of the Sahara desert?

Spending the night in a tent in the middle of the desert gives you the unique opportunity to watch a spectacular bright starry sky free of light pollution.

You will be able to taste a traditional flavored spicy Berber dinner and spend an extraordinary evening around a bonfire accompanied by the rhythm of the drums…

However, you will have to get up early to enjoy a truly unique spectacle: see the sunrise riding a camel and let yourself be astonished with the amazing beauty of the golden and reddish sand dune shades.

Traveling through the desert brings you the opportunity to be immersed in a sea of dunes of orange-colored sand, which fade away into the horizon and are mixed with a very particular sunshine that boost both peace and tranquility. There is no better cure for our stressful lifestyle!

Marrakech Desert Tours is just the best way of knowing the heart of the Sahara Desert

With our Marrakech Desert Tours, you will have the chance to discover the Sahara desert, just as you have always wanted to.

Ramlia Tours is formed by a group of Imazighn (Berbers) people from the south of Morocco, just like our parents and grandparents. We are familiar with the traditions and routes through the desert and the Atlas Mountains thanks to the knowledge-transmitted generation after generation by our ancestors since times immemorial.

We are welcoming people eager to make you feel our millenarian culture and traditions , during your stay.

We will take you through the old Trans-Saharan caravan routes and will engage you in our nomadic customs.

We will show you beautiful places and ancestral markets in the desert where our people used to sell livestock, crafts and species.

In the middle of the desert, we offer you the chance to spend a night in a Kasbah, a traditional guesthouse mud-walled with thatched and wood roofs.

Its handmade decoration and Berber carpets will give you a strong sense of the charm of our culture and friendly people.

This building has all the necessary amenities and services, but it does not include adds-on or luxuries following a genuine Berber style.

Undoubtedly, you will enjoy getting to know our exquisite cuisine.

We also offer you another alternative to get around through the desert. If you prefer a comfortable ride by 4×4-jeep rather than by camel, we are able to provide transportation with a driver guide who perfectly knows the routes and the places to visit.

Our guides are multilingual so, in addition to Berber and Arabic, they are able to speak Spanish, French, English and other languages.

If you want to experience Marrakech Desert Tours, trust our professionalism.

Our long career in the tourism sector together with our knowledge of the desert for generations are the main reasons for our success as organizers of Marrakech Desert Tours.

We will make all the necessary arrangements to organize a tailor made trip for you. The trip duration, the places to visit, the type of accomodation… are entirely up to you.

Trust our experienced criteria and recommendations and make your dream trip a reality.

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Travel in Morocco, 4x4 desert routes, visits to Marrakech and much more ... We are experts in Travel organized to your measure by Morocco
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