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Tour por Marruecos ofertas

RAMLIA TOURS offers you on a tour of Morocco magnificent offers in hotels, transport and excursions

If you want to make a different trip, where to integrate into a town of exotic customs and millenary traditions, RAMLIA TOURS offers you on a tour of Morocco magnificent offers in:

  • Different types of accommodation (hotels, haimas, Riads,…)
  • Transportation (4×4 vehicles, camels, motorcycles, quads,…
  • Excursions to the most spectacular places in this beautiful country

We invite you to know a country full of contrasts that will impact you and will not leave you indifferent. In Morocco you will live unique experiences through the heart of the Sahara desert on a dromedary. You will be fascinated by this immense sea of dunes and its stunning orange sunset color.

You will love to walk the streets and the souks of its medinas , unalterable since the Middle Ages as is the case of Fez el Bali , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In their markets or souks you will find a wide range of traditional handicrafts: brass dishes and pots, yours wooden furniture (exclusive to the Atlas), traditional clothing (kaftan and multicolored slippers), pottery, wicker, raffia, …

You can visit the Dades Gorges on a private 4×4 tour and see the capricious geometric shapes called “monkey fingers” that the erosion of the wind has formed. You will love this magical place, crossed by the Dades river, full of kasbahs or hostels where to eat and sleep.

You will taste their exotic dishes seasoned with a wide range of spices and cooked in a traditional way in wood-fired ovens and their typical tagine.

Enjoy excellent offers offered by RAMLIA TOURS on a tour of Morocco

Do you want to make a totally different wedding trip, full of magic and luxury? Then we advise you to enjoy excellent tours offered by RAMLIA TOURS on a tour of Morocco.

We encourage you to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get to know our culture, our traditions, our architecture and the great variety of natural spaces that Morocco offers you. We have an extensive range of offers on our trips that will allow you to know our country at incredible prices.

We offer you fully customized routes and adapted to different situations:

  • We recommend that you spend your honeymoon in our luxurious hotels
  • The best way to know a different culture is to integrate into it. Our trips for students guarantee learning and adventure.
  • If you are passionate about photography, it will be worth traveling to another continent to capture with your camera a special light in a different place.

Your trip from Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia … has taken many hours of flight. Therefore, we will be happy to meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel so you don’t have to worry about anything when you arrive in Morocco.

Do you have questions about the Morocco tour offers you want to select?

If you have any questions about the tour of Morocco more interesting offers, we will love to advise you based on your availability, your schedules, the days you will be with us, etc.

We have a long experience in Tourism and Travel to Morocco . We take care of managing the entire trip organization so that you can only enjoy.

To contact us you can send us a WhatsApp at +212 671 562 521 or send us an email to

You can also fill out the contact form that appears on the web and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Our offices are located in:


Tourist Transport – Bd Mohammed V & Bd Pasteur – Tangier 90000 Morocco

Rue Boujdour, 47 – Sidi Brahim 30050 Fez (Morocco)


Ksar Ramlia Taouz – GPS: N.30 42 993 W.004 23 953 Merzouga 52202 Rissani (Morocco)


Tiguemi Lajdid, 603 – Tarmigt 45000 – Ouarzazate (Morocco).

Travel in Morocco, 4x4 desert routes, visits to Marrakech and much more ... We are experts in Travel organized to your measure by Morocco
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