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What do you ask your travel agency in Morocco?

Are you after a positive and surprising experience? We recommend that you to look for a professional travel agency in Morocco with extensive business experience in the travel industry.

With RAMLIA TOURS you will experience an exciting trip where you will end up captivated by our traditions and the charm of our culture. The warmth and hospitality of its wonderful people will make you wish to repeat the experience together with your family and friends.

Morocco is a beautiful country where the beauty of the Sahara desert is combined with the beaches of the Atlantic coast or majestic mountains ranges, such as the Atlas Mountains.

Surroundings towns and villages with thousands of years of history will wrap you in their exotic customs and lifestyle.

Can you imagine visiting a souk where you could actually find products as old as the Arabian Nights’s tales?

You will have the feeling of having embarked on a journey through time to a different place when you find yourself immersed in a bustling colorful bazaar enlivened by jugglers, storytellers, goldsmiths, furriers, water carriers and snake charmers.

In the souks of cities such as Marrakech, you will find a wide range of traditional crafts: tableware; products made from brass, pottery, wicker, raffia or palm; exclusive wood furniture from Atlas Mountains; silver jewelry and traditional clothing such as a caftan or leather slippers.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the spontaneous kindness of its people, its rich gastronomy seasoned with an infinity of spices or the sumptuousness of its mosques, libraries or Madrassas, which are schools dedicated to the study of the Koran.

RAMLIA TOURS, your travel agency in Morocco, offers you a tailor made itinerary

We are the most reliable travel agency based in Morocco offering you the exclusiveness and customized trip experience you have always wanted. Our vast experience in the tourism industry is our best guarantee.

Are you looking for a 4×4-jeep route taking you to the most beautiful places of the desert, oasis full of palm trees and rich gardens where very friendly people will welcome you? You may choose a tour with large areas of dunes interlaced by rocky and arid areas. Or do you prefer to visit the country’s main cities withbeautiful monuments, palaces with lush gardens and full of history, art and religious culture?

If you choose to visit the Atlas Mountains, you will be delighted by the beauty of these breathtaking hills, which hide small rural towns with houses made of adobe and stones following ancient traditions. We offer you an alternative trip to tourist routes that will take you to the cradle of the Berbers, through beautiful valleys and refreshing rivers.

We arrange private or small group trips, offering you flexibility and in the best possible conditions. The choice is yours!

Morocco based, we are the travel agency that you will recommend to your friends and acquaintances

Our travel agency in Morocco offers different types of accommodation depending on your trip style preferences.

We work with a wide range of hotels (three to five star) across the country. As an option, we also offer resting in a fantastic Riad, a traditional charm guest house with an impressive inner patio, or staying overnight in the desert in a Haima, Kasbah or hostel.

Do not hesitate to contact us about your preferred destinations. Our staff will be glad to assist you with recommendations and detailed explanations about different travel destinations.

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