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Excursiones a Marruecos desde España

RAMLIA TOURS organizes magnificent excursions to Morocco from Spain

The best way to make your trip a total success is to have the organization of an experienced agency. RAMLIA TOURS is responsible for managing all the necessary details so that your excursions to Morocco from Spain will be an unforgettable experience.

We have a long experience in tourism and travel to Morocco.

In addition to taking more than fourteen years organizing private or small group trips, we have extraordinary knowledge about the place that our Berber parents and grandparents have transmitted to us.

We are knowledgeable about traditions, routes and teachings transmitted generationally by our ancestors.

We are knowledgeable experts of the passes through the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert or the fertile valleys that surround our rivers.

We have a great experience in the organization of customized trips, adapting to your schedules, the duration of your trip and the places you want to visit.

We put at your disposal our long experience in organizing excursions to Morocco from Spain and we advise you on the most interesting places to visit depending on the routes chosen, the duration of the trip, the time of the year, …

Upon arrival in Morocco we will receive you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel.

Similarly, after the pleasant days of your visit in our country, we will transfer you to the airport at the scheduled time so you can take your plane back to Spain.

At any time of the year RAMLIA TOURS prepares you exciting excursions to Morocco from Spain

If you choose to visit this beautiful and exotic country, any time of the year is perfect to be dazzled by its magic and ancient customs. RAMLIA TOURS prepares you exciting excursions to Morocco from Spain, with the main destinations that our clients usually choose.

But if you have little time to visit our wonderful country, we can also offer you interesting getaways throughout the year, taking advantage of bridges and holidays in Spain.

We expose some of the most demanded routes by our clients, without forgetting our flexibility in schedules and places to visit:

  • photo trips,
  • luxury honeymoon,
  • trips at incredible prices for students,
  • Travel at Christmas, Easter, summer, bridges,…

Morocco is an amazing country of contrasts that will captivate you.

Can you imagine visiting their traditional souks , artisan markets where you will find tanners, storytellers, watermelons, jugglers, snake charmers, goldsmiths …?

Morocco offers you the chance to sleep in five-star hotels, rest and relax in a Riads or spend the night in a haima or in a kasbah in the heart of the desert.

If you want to know the most beautiful corners of our country, hire with RAMLIA TOURS the excursions to Morocco from Spain

Hire with RAMLIA TOURS the excursions to Morocco from Spain and you will know the most beautiful corners of this ancient town.

You will be amazed by its intact culture for millennia and its typical gastronomy rich in spices and with its characteristic method of cooking with tagine in its wood ovens .

To contact us fill out the form that appears on the web or send us an email to

You can also send us a WhatsApp or call us at the contact number: +212 671 562 521.

We wait for you at:


Tourist Transport – Bd Mohammed V & Bd Pasteur

Tangier 90000 Morocco.

Rue Boujdour, 47 – Sidi Brahim 30050 Fez (Morocco).


Ksar Ramlia Taouz

GPS: N.30 42 993 W.004 23 953

Merzouga 52202 Rissani (Morocco)


Tiguemi Lajdid, 603 – Tarmigt 45000 – Ouarzazate (Morocco).

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