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Discover the charm of our magical trips to Morocco in summer

Perhaps the only time of the year in which you can enjoy your holidays is in the months of July or August and, being the hottest months, you have always opted to give up trips to Morocco in summer.

We put ourselves in your place and, therefore, we have selected the most interesting points of Morocco so that you can get to know our beautiful country also in the hottest months of the year.

Morocco is a great country that has an unknown variety of idyllic environments to rest and relax.

On its Atlantic coast you will enjoy temperatures softened by the sea breeze while in the North of Morocco it enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

The High Atlas, usually is snowed in the months of autumn and winter, so that lovers of skiing can enjoy its magnificent station equipped with comfortable services.

The summers are ideal to cross the beautiful mountains of this important mountain range and enjoy watching the incredible views over oases full of palm trees and green vegetation.

Visiting Tizin Tichka, which means “difficult mountain pass” is one of our goals in summer excursions. It is the highest road crossing in North Africa and has become a very touristy place with lots of hotels and restaurants.

Even in the southern area of ​​Morocco, composed mostly of large areas of the Sahara desert, we recommend visiting the monumental beauty of its infinite seas of dunes, despite the 45 º C temperature that is reached in summer.

Trips to Morocco in summer

Trips to Morocco in summer, a pleasant experience wrapped in a dream culture

RAMLIA TOURS invites you to discover the charm of the magical trips to Morocco in summer that we organize with the aim of discovering a new culture and experiencing its traditions.

We offer you the opportunity to rest at night in authentic jaimas in the desert, where at dawn you will enjoy unparalleled images of the solitude of the desert bathed in multicolored light on the back of a camel.

Visit the impressive oasis in the middle of the desert, where you can cool off under the shade of its date palms, or enjoy the water of its rivers, as in the Palám d’Araa valley, with large cultivated areas and large pasture areas for goats and sheep .

Walk this winding road where you can see the impressive adobe fortifications, Ksar, that emerge silent and enigmatic …

At night, you will enjoy a traditional dinner in the desert, with its exotic gastronomy and the ancient and hospitable customs of the Berber people.

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