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RAMLIA TOURS offers you the organized trips to Morocco with which you have always dreamed

If you are thinking about traveling to Morocco, we recommend you to trust the tourist experience that RAMLIA TOURS offers you. We invite you to make some interesting trips to Morocco where you will spend some magnificent days wrapped in a millenary and exotic environment.

Morocco is a beautiful country of millenary culture and with ancestral customs and traditions that have been passed down through generations to the present day.

In Morocco you will find very diverse places with totally different lifestyles to visit.

In the mythical Sahara desert , you will discover a lifestyle totally conditioned by this beautiful natural environment and where the Berber villages will welcome you with their traditional warmth and hospitality.

You will be able to know the enigmatic dunes on the back of a dromedary and spend the night in a shelter in the desert, in a “haima” . You can also rest in a traditional adobe construction with cane and wood ceilings, a “kasbah” , decorated in an artisanal way and with Berber carpets.

A place totally recommended to visit is the incomparable High Atlas mountain range.

You will be astonished when you see the contrast of this fabulous landscape with that of the desert. You will enjoy spectacular views over ravines flooded with green vegetation, large palm groves, rivers of fresh and crystalline waters, great variety of birds or snow on the ridges of the mountains.

Enjoy the charm of a thousand-year-old and exotic culture with our organized trips to Morocco

Our long career in the tourism sector and our Berber descent are the main reasons why our organized trips to Morocco are completely satisfactory to our customers, who qualify them as a total success.

For a few days you will live immersed in an ancestral culture that will transport you to a different world.

You will taste an exquisite gastronomy in which the spices have a great relevance, you will share millenarian traditions , you will discover a beautiful craftsmanship in their markets or souks, …

You will be stupefied when you stumble in their artisan markets with snake charmers, water sellers, storytellers, jugglers, trained monkeys, …

We will show you those places of greater relevance and that result from your interest in a short space of time, since we are specialists in organized trips to Morocco.

We offer you organized trips from the main cities of Morocco, such as Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca or Fez , to visit the Atlantic coast, the imperial cities , the oasis of the desert , …

Visit our website and you will find some of the circuits and routes that our clients request us the most.

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With RAMLIA TOURS you will enjoy the best organized trips to Morocco. The proof of this is that our customers always come back.

Morocco has an infinite number of possibilities and each trip can be totally different.

RAMLIA TOURS has been organizing trips to Morocco for groups for over fourteen years.

We also organize a private route or take care that the trip of your small group of friends is a fantastic unforgettable experience.

Contact us and we will inform you extensively about all your questions. To do this, fill out the contact form that appears on the web or send an email to

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Tourist transport

Bd Mohammed V & Bd Pasteur

Tangier 90000 Morocco

Rue Boujdour, 47

Sidi Brahim 30050

Fez (Morocco)


Ksar Ramlia Taouz

GPS: N.30 42 993 W.004 23 953

Merzouga 52202

Rissani (Morocco)


Tiguemi Lajdid No. 603

Tarmigt 45000

Ouarzazate (Morocco)

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